the KLM Media App

Download it now! Over 30 titles,
always available on all our flights.

The KLM Media App offers a wide range of newspapers and magazines on all European and intercontinental flights. The publications are available offline through your personal device so you can rest assured that we’ll never run out of your favourite reads again. Download the app before you board and enjoy our selection of local and international titles on the go.

More about the KLM Media App

  • Download the KLM Media App for free
  • Newspapers and magazines can be accessed every time you fly KLM
  • Just enter your booking details, your Flying Blue account or KLM account
  • The full collection opens up 30 hours before departure
  • Browse a wealth of global media covering news, sports, interior design, fashion and much more
  • Downloads get stored on your own device, allowing offline reading during your flight

Limited edition KLM Media App phone covers

The limited edition KLM Media App phone covers were a big hit. Unfortunately, you’re too late to order for yourself since we’ve run out of them completely. Better luck next time!

The early birds that were lucky enough to sign up in time, will be contacted in the next few days. Stay tuned!